Podtide - Asheron's Call Emulator (ACE) PVP Server

Podtide an Asheron's Call Emulator (ACE) PK Server
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Trade Bot Tutorial

1) Install Decal.

2) Install SkunkWorks to C:/Games/Skunkworks.
Some users experience problems running SkunkWorks in the default Program Files directory.

3) Download the updated SkunkWorks skapi.dll file.
Extract the updated skapi.dll to your SkunkWorks directory, overwriting the existing skapi.dll file.

4) Download SkunkTrader
Extract it to your SkunkWorks directory.

Load the SkunkTrader file from the SkunkWorks console in game.

IMPORTANT: You cannot run Thwargle or AC as admin.

You need to launch the acclient.exe and thwarglauncher.exe WITHOUT administrative permission

This plugin is oldschool, you need to load it as a regular user or skunkworks won't load.

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