Podtide - Asheron's Call Emulator (ACE) PVP Server

Podtide an Asheron's Call Emulator (ACE) PK Server
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Concurrent session limit of 4 - do not circumvent this!


Server Rules:

* No RL money transactions
* No doxxing
* No circumventing of concurrent account max limit
* Keep racism to yourself
* Cheating will be punished with account/character deletions

Server Features:

* 1x XP
* 1.5x Cantrip drop rate (will be lowered when Legendaries come out)
* Epics only (for now)
* PK Trophies / Vendor
* PK Kill Tracking - with scoring system (all kills tracked from day 1)
* Town Control (in dev still, not available immediately at launch)
* Free respecs at Asheron's Castle
* No Luminance
* Phased release for everything else

The goal of this server is longevity. We want to be around in 5+ yrs, regardless of the natural cycle of interest from the pvp community

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